gastrointestinal symptoms which often usher in an attack; further-
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number is observed without a trace of peritoneal phlegmasia, or with
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pain commencing at the occiput and extending over the whole
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eupatorium are often seen in pneumonia, and in pleurisy it is
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decomposition. The remedy is, therefore, stimulant and antiseptic.
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circulation in congestion, we will see that there is much difference.
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to throw ofif the contents of the stomach, therefore, give a
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viously noticed by Borsieri, and which they regard as
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under the margin of the ribs on the left side, while the patient
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or sweat ; nervous headache followed by sweating and excessive
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Dose. — Fluid extract, y 2 to 2 drachms ; oleoresin, 6 to 8
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usually selected when the impairment is of longer duration ; hy-
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other infectious diseases of the genitalia. Prof. De Smet reports
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especially valuable in the secondary and tertiary stages. Those
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reflected by the glasses of his spectacles. M. Von Erlach
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neuralgias of internal viscera; uneasiness and fullness, with
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for well conducted experiments have satisfactorily demonstrated
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necessarily affect it, though exposure to extreme heat or cold