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human subject, the perilymphatic space is large and well

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ning of the blood, there is another source both of the transudation and

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accessible. The uncertainty of internal remedies for catarrh has been

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ventricle could easily be demonstrated by the increase in the

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the skin. Hence our choice of a preparation of the drug should fall

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suddenness, at short intervals. In permanent tonic contraction of the

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material retained in the blood, which exerts so pernicious an in-

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anticus and the supinator longus. The last muscles to be

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normal state is certainly possible. The bending of the uterus is

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normal limit. The removal of greater quantities of blood was

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followed by one of weakness with feeble heart-action, which may

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ture of the room should be regulated by the thermometer, and should

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has been customary to describe those cases in which there

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say is, that the introduction of an appropriate bacterial vac-

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through the occipital bone. At the point of perforation the hair is

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cing to the cerebral filaments, but hitherto autopsy has failed to show

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uncommonly severe and persistent, we may give adults five or ten

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become dark-brown sloughs, which are detached by suppuration

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extreme exhaustion and general dropsy, or else it takes place earlier

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seven months, 6,000 persons, out of a population of 7,782, were at-

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of delay only makes it worse. Such opinions, delivered by physicians

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that there is swelling of the portio vaginalis, which, as we shall here-

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TREATMENT. A suitable treatment will often afford great relief

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sied, the bladder is in a state of permanent over-distention, the tone

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ticularly the knee, foot, hand, elbow, and shoulder, are most frequently

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testinal muscles. On the contrary, patients in whom the evacuations

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blood may even form, giving to the tumor a likeness to the erectile

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index an operation for the removal of all or part of the local disease may

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the therapeutics of cutaneous disorders, however, consists in our no

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may not be the secreting cavity, but may act as a reservoir

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aura, in contradistinction to the sensory aura above described. In

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the cramp proceeds, by the catalytic action of the constant current.

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yellow liquid, are evacuated. The patient rapidly grows weak, the

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so far, Much inclines to the opinion that phagocytosis, as such, hardly

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such a patient will consume during a day, often quite regardless of its