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personal and family deity. He erected a temple to him
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Therapy of Compensated Heart Lesions, p. 7. There are, however,
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distinct forms of puerperal febrile expression, due to two
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the ends of the fingers, above the middle of the forearm.
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is outside of or beyond the influence of such endemic re-
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the Climate of Large Cities Dangerous to Consumptives, Frank
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Dr. R. W. Amidon presented a human brain, in which there
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in the diagnosis. The patient was told that, if her condition
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Demosthenes, de Corona, 266). It prospered for a time,
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teries, from Corax (the Raven) to Pater (Father) ( CIL
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trophied tissue is best removed with Jarvis's snare, although
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and the neighboring non-Indo-Iranian tribes and nations.
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fifth century b.c., the sacrifices were made first to Apollo,
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absent. Some of the carpal bones are occasionally wanting.
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