The cult found favor among the sailors and soldiers who
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god and the cradle of the cult is supported by Homer in
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gieia; and as the guardian of eyesight she was Athena
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of Copenhagen ; On the Choice of Antiseptics for the Treatment of
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Dr. Lewis A. Satre could heartily indorse the theory of the
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well arranged, well indexed, and well illustrated. Such works
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growth made its appearance to the left of the trachea, and
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(Hiranyahesi Grhya Sutra, II, iv, 5). In the Atharvaveda
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It would be otherwise if flint implements could be found in the older
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times attending an operation which was usually considered per-
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sions, and these were augmented by borrowing texts and
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Practical Value of Light-Sense Examination in Ophthalmolog}-, by Dr.
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mistakes about the names of objects, yet, when a slate and pen-
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of Ea, and knowing how to secure the cooperation of the
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frequently syncretized with local gods. For details, see Toutain, op. cit.
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the power and instantaneous stroke of the forces that are
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maladies of mankind, and their cures, and he rendered
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of the Society of Biblical Archeology, 1914, xxxvi, 79-99.
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weak. In consequence of her feeble condition, she declined to
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tioned are the tincture and extract of convallaria^ sparteine, adonis ver-
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tales to strengthen the faith of the clientele and to forĀ¬
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of mature follicles had been found in ovaries removed in Battey's
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of the Olympian circle of deities, was the god of the
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(op. cit., xxix, 22) that the sacred AEsculapian serpents
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the magic field to gain the Golden Fleece (Apollonios
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day to day, as may be necessary, the condition of the pubUc health and
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