Antiseptic Treatment of Wounds in Time of War, with particular re-
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however, illustrated and liberally portrayed the practical
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physicians for the good of their fellow-men. The Board of
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albuminuric patients because they discovered a retinitis albumi-
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mals rather than for aggression. Armed with sword and
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as well as at Trebula Mutusca, in Sabine territory. 92
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ysm. He had marked gastro-intestinal derangement, with dry, brown
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was made transverse. This was due, I think, to the fact
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Wales, P. S., Medical Director. To continue present duty
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spread abroad as miracles of healing, serving as pious
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pulse, so that the unfortunate patient is annoyed, every half-
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The lumbar and sacral nerves all arise within a space
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above the insertion of the psoas and iliacus, and the same
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should be added to the enema twice a da}'. If the stomach
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CUET. — Dr. Hanks said that he had for two years been employ-
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pressed themselves against the change, believing the association
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the serpents (Aristophanes, Nubes, 508), he descended
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a sorceress and one * ‘who well understood as many drugs
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In the Mahabharata (III, iii, 25) Dhanvantari is an
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life may be prolonged and suflEering assuaged. Broca
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floor of a large dry-goods house. She kept to bed during seven
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occurred in which there was a small hole through the unit-
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moval of the lesion and a disappearance of all the symiJtoms are said
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It savors much of the teachings of Broussais to say that
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it was determined to bring Asklepios, who had gained an
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room. This evening he received an urgent call to see her, with
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of New York, read a paper with this title. He thought too
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