and there, through the grave and ordered words, one feels rather
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constrictions at the level of the linear aponeurotic slits,
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it must be a very obscure case that required such profound study.
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made use of one-fifth-grain doses subcutaneously injected. This
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N. R. Morse, M.D. ; first vice-president, H. K. Bennett, M.D. ;
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lasting remembrance of the Board and the public." He was an active
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circular or oval, its diameter being a little less than that of
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antero -posterior, more rarely postero -anterior or transverse.
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passing, homoeopathy possesses such effectually remedial agents
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man, he was sent to answer the call. This gave him his entry into
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times a day after meals. Other ferruginous remedies which are likewise often
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the source of his ultimate success as a clicicaj teacher aiKi
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the remainder in like capacity at Chambers Street Hospital. He then
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to the smoke of dry ivy roots and branches (rhus vernix and
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of fact, the chance of cure appeared to be in inverse ratio to
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to treat a pretty extensive loss of substance joined to a
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fissures whose depth, extent, and number are connected with
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complained rather suddenly of a severe cramp in the muscles of the calves
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from the wound, traumatopncea, emphysema, are not frequent.
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surgery, gynecology, or obstetrics ; but they appeal for treatment
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logical and medicinal antidotes to poisons, as belladonna to opium,
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lady and her mother was this : Miss F. had all her life been very
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also consulting surgeon to Lincoln Hospital, General Memorial Hos-
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Dr. Carpenter is a natural -born surgeon. His coolness,
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Sing, New York, and here his preparation for college was completed.
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soon had a good practice. The first two of his children
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arrangements. He was much interested in and president of the
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the name of the operation being the Hartley- Krause
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ing pages are devoted to descriptions and discussions of the
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bruised, and frequently very dirty, and result from large
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professional duties are onerous, he finds time for general
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erratic neuralgia affects the left side from the head to the foot ;