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sity, by causing the local bleeding to be preceded by a general bleed-
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circuit through the air. They were elevated thirty or forty feet from
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long as that <m the head of a child a year old. How long must the
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the types composing the word, and places them upon or in contact with
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deposits to which these springs owe their peculiar name of White Sal-
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It has been especially studied by Besnier. - These small tumours of the
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pends, neither on the systole of the right ventricle, nor on the tenacity
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membrane of root. Each enamel organ is thus composed of a sort of cap
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much enhanced therapeutic value accrues in chronic catarrh cases ; but as
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requisite medical attendance, are provided for those cases in which it
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children are liable, and more particularly under the mfluence of teeth-
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perhaps the aid of frictions over the chest, if they do not awake the
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course wotrid be the only one which could succeed in breaking «P*
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The " Voyages " of Captain Parry are fraught with inter^ling phy-
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have been of the confluent character, softening it down to the concrete
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cal Society, and has constantly at heart the honor and respectability of
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dieease of the brain, ]~dropey, 3— burn, 1— accidental, 1— dlseafe of the heart, l—inflanuiMtioa tf
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stained. There is intense thirst, and attempts to allay it provoke further
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Ulephas jirinngenhis, possessed two enormous tusks 8 feet long, strong, thick,
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applied upon the surface actually affected, and the strokings will be continued
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The lymph, further, has not ju-oved so reliable as calf lymph. Buffalo
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with carbon monoxide resists the action of a reducing agent, that which is
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she looked as if she had been working in the sun with her sleeves rolled
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h\r\y asserted, that there are very few people who have the oi^ans of
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To compare with these results he inoculated other animals under similar con-
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without much increased agitation of the breatlung ; whereas in typhus tbe
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these the founder of the modern system of Therapeutic Gymnastics (P. H. Ling)
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nected. Inducements seldom, if ever, met with. For a physician who would like to nahe tte
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Standard of taste in medical literature, and demonstrates, too, liis qualifi*-
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and if the people of the United States, instead of leaning upon the
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eye through a quill ! The inflammation had now considerably increased,
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