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ficiency in all the branches combined, shall each re-
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growth, as a wart, medicines can be applied locally with success.
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and slight tenderness on pressure remaining; heart normal; pulse
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displacement of the ends of the broken 3 011lts sll0uld be carefully watched,
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notable fact. Tliis is due to the presence of the acid phosphate of
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" learning how to study." This is especially true for
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and recitation rooms, professors' rooms, and the de-
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The precipitate filtered of! after boiling is therefore washed with water, and
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his affairs he gradually acquired a handsome compe-
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stimulant at length fails to stimulate and when such is the case the
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trace of albumin in the urine occurring alternately or coincidently
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from changes due to age, or from constitutional diseases, or from
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T&rombosis of the £enal Vessels and Infaxct of the Kidney.—
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immediate cure even when death had seemed imminent.
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the hands or face. It commences as a small, red, inflamed spot,
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merely repeated what they had learned of the Alexandrian tradition.
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the method which I have previously described (p. 80), would lead to
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warmly. A flannel wet in camphor liniment may be placed around
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Mix and apply a little to the gums several times a day with the
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because he pretended to be a born blacksmith. No man would pre-
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Taking all these points into consideration, it is difficult to suppose
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tion f 1. fuel, and clothing must be procured, and a margin allowed
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vessels of the skin and relieve congestion of the lungs and other
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from washing out the bladder daily with a fountain syringe and the
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tion is often erroneously regarded as a symptom of some disease of
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also shows the tendency to dis- » _,, ,. i.-,*, ^-m
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strictly medical to the conditions of health and disease, in order that
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taining four or live grains of alum to an ounce of water may be used
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company inflammation of the joints, the fugitive and migratory char-
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eth and fiftieth years, and in women the climacteric toward the end
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The dietetic rules just given are undoubtedly applicable for the
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14th: Pulse 68, respirations 18, temperature 98.2°. Heart nor-
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as much water as you please, the thirst, the dry skin, and the scanty
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a peculiar disposition to excessive hemorrhage from the slightest
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