3. Tuberculosis among the Philippine Scouts (Native
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years the study of cancer ferments has been facili-
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cerebral dura. Arsenical odor of all the tissues twenty-
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May 6. 1910; born in D. C. ; could not read nor write; had
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intussusception, or tuberculosis, and in advanced age
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curred in the sex and age constitution of the popu-
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clots could be prevented by the siphonage apparatU'-
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X36. Hassien and Hershfeld. Cacodylic Acid in Chorea.
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ber 6th, weak -j- ; October 12th, -f- ; November 5th, — .
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spina bifida, cleft palate, harelip, deficient mem-
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blood corpuscles, 5,900,000 ; white blood corpuscles, 16,800.
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on wall plates, vibrators, sinusoidal apparatus, therapeutic lamps, etc.
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gest that palliatives should be discarded, as he con-
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ber 8, 1910, -| — \- ; November 30th, -| — |-. Wassermann re-
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made a correct diagnosis, and then only, the physi-
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the most exact dosage possible in digitalis therapy,
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out flat. A glass slide is dipped in the water under
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Case. On July 29, 1910, I was called to see H. W., male
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tivitis, dilated in glaucoma and as a rule contracted in iritis. The
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2. Sulphate of Hordenine in tlie Treatment of Intestinal
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been entirely altered : some parts have been enlarged,
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he received. He reports that dioxydiamidoarsenoben-
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an assistant professor after the expiration of his second
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dered to the Philippine Islands for duty on transport
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characters had little or no bearing on the practice
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ses he includes constitutional netirasthenia (obses-
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as a rule it is more evident in the left than in the
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Foster, T. G., Passed Assistant Surgeon. Detached from
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and one of optic atrophy with unsuccessful result ;
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ed in armies in the field." These articles were signed bj-
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This is a collection of articles that were published
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treatment, of course, is to reinvert the uterus. The