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than in any other tissue ; the fluke-worm of sheep makes its home in

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ing an attack of rheumatic endocarditis. To the absorption of such

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the majority of writers. These visceral neuralgias are most fre-

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by Dr. Alban G. Smith, previously professor of sur-

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for certain parts of the kidney, one organism damaging particularly the

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The cathartic mineral loaters are only to be used in cases where a

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the seat will induce deviations from the normal in the urine. Some such

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of joints such as the temporo-maxillary articulations, which are little

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articular disturbances that accompany non-arthritic forms of the

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are on the wane or have entirely disappeared; often the whole course of the

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each requires, and she will experience great pleasure and satisfac-

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tions sometimes appear upon the glaus and pre]:)uce. The urethra is

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basis than does this concession. When we prescribe any drug in

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b inclined to believe with Dieulafoy: "La syphilis est une cause puissante

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remedies are beneficial, also a change of air, or a residence by the

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quantity of body albumin may favor inanition and conditions of weak-

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opticaUy active. Moreover, the excretion is wholly unaffected by the with-

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considerable variations, and often remains at a high figure for weeks

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mation, fever and suppuration are too obscure to be observed and

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Urines containing traces of albumin may show no turbidity on simple

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structures, and in other forms of Bright's disease, and is the more remarkable

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Arteriosclerosis. — A frequent and grave comi)lication of obesity,

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infection, is less certain in its results, very weakening, and should be

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Mix and use in hand atomizer two or three times a day.

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be regarded as an unfavorable symptom. If due to an over-distension

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Ehrlich : Zeitschrift fiir klinische Medicin, iv., 1883.

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for their sole benefit;" and instead of serving, as it

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healthy. The Creator who made man and who knows what is neces-

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brief. This condition may continue for days and even weeks. Each

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the nervous system. It may be slight or so troublesome and

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discharge from the nose and eyes and frontal pain. This cold

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pressure, which is kept up by the impeded circulation in the abdom-

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far better than glucose, but the excretion of greater or less quantities of

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In the presence of diarrhoea the patients complain of iusuflicient

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stroys the sugar of the pancreatic form of diabetes. In many cases

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years indefatigable in contributing to its success. He

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formed, which falls off in the course of two or three days, leaving

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Since all these diseases have been shoAvn to be most intimately

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prevalence of gouty affections in spring and in autumn ; and it was