the following experiment. Animals were housed 10 per cage (10 x 7 x

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the tags of connective tissue, and who demonstrated

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of amputation, and thus to save a limb, if not life itself, on the battle-

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Modes of Therapeutic Action^ or Therapeutic Processes."^

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a one who will not forsake his office or counting house for a

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There is one important practical point, however, to which I would «

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that it has a rich deep-orange colour, a sweetish, aromatic odour^ and

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meet more important indications. The same may bo said of its use in

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to ambition, and such prospects of reward to the most vigo-

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in the cerebral lobes ; quinia leaves these almost unaffected, and confines

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able to the palate of any of the oils. The oil from the bitter

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inhales an additional quantity of air into his chest, and, by a

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the roadsides, from Pennsylvania to Virginia. It bears a ratluT con-

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besides, the effects it produces directly on the stomach and bowels, which

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pensatory. For our purposes here, it is sufficient to state that officfnat i

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taste in tbe mouth, naus^ca, incessant vomiting, violent pains in tHe ston

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when only a single cell is injected (Schneider and Zinder, 1956),

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awi is not thrown down bj any reagent Sulphuric add gives it a blood-

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that of London by two or three degrees in winter, and being

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I. Digitalit with digitaUn, — 2. Tobacco. — 8. Lobelia. — 4. Aconite itWh Aeonitia. —

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are often much disordered by it, complicate its proper systemic influ-

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centres. It will, therefore, be readily concedeii that they may prove

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rious, but the cause of this is imputed to the tan, and not

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towards the machine and other surrounding objects. In this way it may

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poculiar and aromatic, the taste warm, bitterish, and camphorous, im-

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sary to save life; and, under these eircumetanees, it may either be de-

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itself is convertible into acetic acid. The inference seems to me inevita-

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in the efficacy of their nostrums. But it is really

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