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to-day are on a restricted protein diet, and thereby being harmed. If anything

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swelling occurs in the face or in parts of the trunk; in the other, the picture

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nate in one of two ways: through the action of a specific poison, or through

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a general enlargement, but an exaggeration of bony prominences, crests,

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with cretinism can hardly stand a careful investigation of the early history.

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found bits of necrotic tissue, phosphatic crystals, and material resembling

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be prevented by prompt and thorough treatment of the primary focus of

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The results of the operative treatment will be considered in the section on

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adjacent one b in syncope. The color b due to the fact tluit the circu-

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the intracranial pressure is not found to ho I'aiseil.

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by Baer in which an acute arthritis of the spine subsided rapidly after proper

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Nodules in the fat remain as circumscribed masses, sensitive to pressure, and

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are firmly closed during the convulsion ; the blood

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and a single bone may be evidence of the decalcification, absorption, the

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Hospital at the Royal MiHtary College, during a pe-

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Eulenburg, von Bechterew, Karpinsky, and Jensen, who consider this

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long latency of a disease which, although present, was slow in revealing itself.

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very hard to reach a diagnosis. A number of patients have been operated

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It must, however, be freely admitted that the term, in a sense, is a misnomer,

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Etiology. — In the preparation of thb article 180 cases were extracted, and

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But even more satisfactory is the removal of a superficially placea gland for

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is an important feature in distinguishing sporadic cretinism from the other

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liody. .Mcaiiwliilc. lioucvcr. the sta^riiatioii (d' iilood in tin' rapillary areas is

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that lead to general arteriosclerosis — lead, gout, syphilis, alcohol, heredity,

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not due to any vital secretory i»ower of the kidney, liut rather to factm--

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claiming that they arise from the Wolffian body, and Warner* that they

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