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that every offender therein may be brought to justice, and receive at least some
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stitution of the '^ type'' and all modes of irregularity of function
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G. BUBBOWB, M.D., F.R.S., Presidens of the Medical Council.
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report for 1864, it would appear that of children under five
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highly of Recamier's method, which, as is well known, consists
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amongst the poor, in a luxurious manner,) it is usual for the poor to get one
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the rupture of an aneurysm. Others before him have pointed
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and from the imminent danger to which, in their state of outcast degradation, they
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elongation of his existence for a few weeks at the expense of the health of a more
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July 1, 1921: Patient showed no improvement as the result
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x-Ray examination discloses a bilateral infiltration of the
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and the vessels are congested. In yet others the membrane pre-
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by the patient, or at least the patient did not go down hill as
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and more philosophical names having reference to other and
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oped in the body by immunizing doses of arsenous acid.
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and when this is the case, we should not be content unless the
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unite in supplication unto the Lord of Hosts, as well in the church as at the family
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blance existing between syphilitic induration and cancer, and
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point out what symptomatic changes are known to occur in
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or that the services of the physicians should be had in often requisition ?
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DIarrhoen, Internat. Beitr. z. Path. u. Ther. d. Ernahrungsstor., 2, 1-6, 1911.
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of the Medical Council, the medical chiefs of the Army and Navy, and the medical
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vator and Anti-Bilious Pills as safe and excellent, and the best medicines to be