sea than it is in thousands of homes ashore, where the danger is still but

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region showed perforation of a gangrenous appendix ; later,

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tricts, had excellent opportunities to make their observations and who

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Pel {Zeitschri/tf. klin. Med., 1890, xvii. 199), after referring to the fact that

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every three months and may be assembled upon call of the Presi-

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have complained of violent otalgia, ^nd in many of these there has

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After a few preliminary remarks relative to operative results from

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dence sufliciently strong to warrant the possibility of either condition

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If there are marked adhesions, and the needle does not enter the

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bone-marrow, and when we remember the most important role played by the

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dilatation, was accomplished in the following manner, in the case

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however, had probably nothing to do with the medicament. He tried its

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the drum of the ear has not been ruptured naturally in the course of the

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scarlatinal nephritis. He quotes the little which is to be found in medi-

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paralysis. Swallows well. Some retraction of head. No herpes. Coma

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week the abdominal wound closed, and from that time all the urine

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caption or the other, as may seem most in harmony with the clinical

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number of cases belonged to this category. Not seldom there was a barking

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adolescence. Its bearing on the prognosis will be mentioned later.

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lustreless. Having relieved the condition by nicking the ring,

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ciently familiar, safe, and comfortable to tempt the invalid from his home.

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suffered from prolonged loss of consciousness, followed by persistent aphasia,

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irregular manner ; irritable, easily excited by trifles, but he is not demented ;

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"Judging from the federal report regarding the consumption of

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give in the treatment. While it is generally accepted that pulmonary

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beginning, still there is such a constant association as to be in great

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ing and a bone fracture must also affect the skin as it is closely

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In some ways his senses are keen, while in others he is very child-like."

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that the public, all the public, not a certain partisan class, will fare

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described under miliary tuberculosis — I mean in those cases where there

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should be expected from the condition of the venous system, was notice-

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depend solely upon muscular contraction, there being no sutures inserted,

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rated from the remainder of the bone, and in many ctises the ligaments

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"L. P. entered the Broad Street Hospital on December 4th. The

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uvula, etc. ; albuminuria; involvement of the nasal cavities ; contagiousness.

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adherent to or within the leucocytes, cannot always be differentiated

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Wagner as lymphatic anaemia likewise showed the same eruption, which was

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