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disposed to give a negative opinion and where bilious diarrhoea occurs which

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of having more frequent pelvic examinations will no doubt be

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condition. In two cases in which the ovaries were examined they

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A period in which we reaffirm the role of the human touch

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colored plates and if illustrations in the text shows

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tion they must always be kept in a progressive state as

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given in a single dose when the temperature is over

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coveiy of antitoxins was that of Pfeiffer. This was the demon

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Symptoms. Following strangles the papules or vesicular eruption

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jectile vomiting and hajmatemesis. There was slight ecchymosis

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the isolated albumose in the treatment of thirty cases with the

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A report of a case almost identical with the preceding. In this case

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liseases and so long as it remains enlarged the patient is liable to

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low it we shall have less opportunity of resorting to Gurdon

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numerous to mention indigenous and exotic cultivated

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On account of the uncomfortable position and owing to the possi

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formities since when the condition has ceased this will spare the patient

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employed especially since it can be carried out with small quantities

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ibflity in the lefl arm has been augmented. There has been constipation

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that might not be but she was not improved and I carefully

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Etiology. Here as in hysteria heredity plays an im

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through your fingers unqualified. And what is the state of the

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bowels is very usefal in inflammation spasms and painful

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Derivation. The concrete milky exudation obtained by

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therefore a biological science and the only possible physiology

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foundation of our code of to day the disciple swears to impart

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Two recent articles on this subject one by Dr. Spillmanu

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in the Animal Rescxarces Program for major nev funding in this area. Support

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ture. We may now corsider the matter settled so far

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hemorrhages from the gums. Following this there was a rapid increase

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mother is choreic. Very rarely does jiermanent mental derangement

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seems to approve of this view and everybody must admit

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was packed after the Mikulicz method. Briesky had been the

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but could find nothing of the object looked for and returned

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milder forms are distinctly amenable to treatment and are

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togamic formations which form a vecretable sheath around it in such

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and the moment it passes beyond a certain point it must be

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without such a coincidence and consequently no weight can be

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the present time. This is the fifth month of the war.

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must follow. If blind eyes are looked into by the student he will

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safely harbored from storms of depression and discouragement for his life

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the trephine or drill to expose tlic sacro ili ic joint.

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filled with a dark thick secretion on further examination the

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up with a precision that even surpasses that afiorded by

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In February when he resided in Frankford he was elected

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tonitis the patient recovered but the wound looked angry from

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Medical College of Ohio. He had previously taught military

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Nasopharyneal swabs the excised adenoids and tonsils from persons