The urine, as a rule, is normal except in those cases w^here the primary

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white scales, due to cholesteatomatous changes, while occasionally we may

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about the same. The enlarged thyroid becomes smaller and softer. Of

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scopic accumulations of an irregular shape between the muscular fibers, and

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arthritb of the peripheral joints there may be the complaint of severe pain in

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to a distinct shaking of extremities, head, or the whole body. When mild

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the fact that no increase in taurocholic acid excretion hy the bile resuh-

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changes predominating. As a guide to treatment, the study of the ir-ray

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"vasomotor neurosis affecting the blood supply to the anterior noms which

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angioneiu*otic oedema, and he had swelling of the spleen. Unfortunately

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This constitutes the ** loading for expense." (3) The amount necessary to

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protein left, and inixiMi; fats with protein caused the protein to leav.

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the cystoscope; whereas hypernephroma has never been known to spread

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found, however, one should always think of pyelitis and renal suppuration,

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philes, may be the prevailing elements. The tumor at this stage represents

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the quadriurate MHUHjU when in solution. When in excess it deposits in

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for probably both are concerned, is more likely to occur in young animals,

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pipe, lead toys, lace, artificial flowers, cheap wall papers, flint, glass, brass