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flightiness of ideas, the history of infection or intoxication, and the early

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is often later, but almost always not for years, ataxia of the upper extremities.

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with comparative frequency from genuine gout, with deposits of uric acid in

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in the cortex be destroyed, the convulsions of the corresponding muscles cease

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on the days announced on the bulletin boards and in the Weekly Calendar. Students

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Attending Ophthalmologists: Drs. Thomas D. Allen, Earle B. Fowler, William

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pyramidal tracts particularly. This suspicion was entirely warranted, since

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If we examine the hands or feet closely we can sometimes detect no

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chemistry, bacteriology, and serology. In addition, a demonstration laboratory and

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surface of the yolk or blood In the white; rupture of blood vessels prior to ovulation

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Siegel, Ralph Edgar, a, w, sp, Perth Amboy, N.J. S.B. '35.

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have no great clinical significance. Only the loss of the patellar reflex, which

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Anatomy, Pathological Histology, Pharmacology, Pharmaco-dynamics,

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to secure in connection with the Medical Department those adYantages

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tonic spasms occur in the face, trunk, and extremities, which, after a few

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declaration (pursuant to the Act 5 & 6 Will. lY., c. 62), forms of which can

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rence of the disease by vasomotor changes, and have thought that there were

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Invertebrates " and " Anatomy of Yertebrates ;" Gegenbour's " Com-

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supra, page 208). In cases of total compression of the cervical cord we some-

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my opinion, militate very strongly against the theory of a primary meningeal

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Ellsworth, Preston Blair, a, w, sp, Lewisville, Idaho. S.B. '36.

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6 dols. each ; Practical Anatomy, 8 dols. ; for all other classes, 12 dols.

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John Cameron, M.D. Glasgow, 17 , Bodney-street, Liver-

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interval between each test. Saturday, before 2 p.m., is the most eligible

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weeks of general exhaustion, with considerable fever, 104° to 105° E. — K.]

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and muscles, which soon becomes a pronounced reaction of degeneration. If

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tion' in primary diseases of the cord and the vertebrae. Thus, for example, in

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New York and Pennsylvania; College of Physicians and Surgeons

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but who lack credit in any or all of the required subjects, may be admitted on passing