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different groups of muscles in a way which corresponds precisely with the

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Since we have mentioned the most important features common to all

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a combination of acute Meniere's disease with facial paralysis, and interprets

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ciw. and the teeth are firm and shlnThg i^Ue In color. Systems of iLs Include 'S^u

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hospital, clerkships in the out-patient department, amphitheater clinics, and advanced

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diseases of the body,, not described from the chairs of Surgery and

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5. RecoOTendat ions . Report to ATC^Sn unsatlsfactorv performance -r^f individual eraduSite- or

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exists at San Jos6, and all practitioners must pass its examination.

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interference with the synergic activity of the muscles. Disturbances of the

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diem without quarters, to cover aU costs of maintenance ; and he will be required

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by one or other of the various methods to the particulars of which this

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nerve. The other process serves for the centripetal conduction of sensory ir-

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position, etc. At the ankle we almost always find a contracture of the muscles

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than twelve surgical cases, which have occurred in the Hospital during

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fng tSr^JansmisIi^n nf rtf^fl^^'^^ education programs probably contribute to control 1-

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Surgeons (Medical Department of Columbia College, City of New

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gins, in what way it progresses, and what is primary and what secondary

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prick, by pinching a fold of the skin, etc. We should especially remember

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if we perform passive motion of the paralyzed parts. There are paralyses

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neuralgia. Associated with these we sometimes find well-defined local pain in

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was often used for these morbid states. By this we would imply that the

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YIL In case of failure the Faculty can appoint a time for re-examination^

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of the muscular system. This hypothesis is supported especially by the in-

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Candidates wishing to enter for the License in Medicine and Bwrgery

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treated therein) ; Latin — CsBsar, book i. or ii., or one of the first two

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231. Animal Geography. — A study of the world-distribution of animals, together

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We will return again to the differentiation from hysterical convulsions in

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degenerative insanity — these are closely associated morbid conditions, at the

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peutic attempts with the internal administration of fresh bone marrow have

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cases in Erlangen and Breslau also. [It is also very rare in America. Crozer