use of transintestinal flushes is coming into vogue. By this

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earliest undoubted cases of malignant cholera were met with ; and

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of all forms of diarrhea may be summarized under the following

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bacco and stumps of cigars powdered up, the contents of spittoons, mucus from the

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alluded to. T would Bay here, however, expressly and pointedly, that no persons

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mineral poisons, without one of their undeniably pernicious effects.

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jectures, written in barbarous technicalities, about matter, spirit, vitality, electricity.

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nated fibtally ; the dissection is related (' Berliner Klin. Wochns./

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blood was lost, and but slight oozing followed until after five

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which women are more likely to have twins than in those imme-

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hours, without any one going on shore. On the same day two cases

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activity by the blood, and that through the blood alone, (sometimes by the assist-

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of whicn seems to depend on individual peculiarities, and may be

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stools, pointed rather strongly toward the large intestine as the

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the patient could only decipher letters of No. 16. At the same time

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person be neat, apparel nice, and every trace of the slovenly removed.

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That certain diseases are propagated by contact; that is,

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from France, but without it ever manifesting any tendency to

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coldness and roughness of the Alpine climates, the great rarefaction

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drops of water when brought in contact will mingle into one in perf

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size of the phrenological organs might seem to indicate to exist.

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She returned for examination on March 11, 1912, and re-

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and thrown off. The iron, which gives color to the blood, is instantly rendered mag-

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the eyes, and a line for the mouth. A representation is given at figure 2, on the

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removing all causes of disease, of which dusty and filthy streets are one.

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uterine and other diseases — ^general weakness and premature

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patient, Bending him a victim to the icy arms of death.

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The causes that disturb rest are various — both bodily and mental — but greater in