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patterns from a merchant's family who had arrived a fortnight back
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imtil after the early rams, which usually fall about the end of Sep-
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belt. In these parlous days suspenders seem to be losing
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where the houses are better built, and the situation is more
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sisting of patches of a dusky livid hue. Dr. G. Hewitt considers
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28th. The appearance of the tongue much improved. He is gaining
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smooth, elastic, most frequently rather resistent, roundish or oval
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time to regain its natural appearance and functions, and we mistake a weak-
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know whether an operator should not, in case of the death of his patient, be
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the head directly upwards, the trunk of the body being held fixed; these, how-
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ants alike. Nowadays the operating-room is kept free
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to the altered form of the pupil, and the sight may continue as perfect as before
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before her, the usual manner in which vaginal examinations are made on the
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from Alexandria in a vessel with cholera on board." The members
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Cathartics are harmful in this condition. It requires
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regards this method as infallible, yet several practitioners mention cases in
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will, in the hands of the physician, ever rank in usefulness with
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electricity is beneficial. For the congenital form or for
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aconitia, and curare, have been proposed as counter-agents to
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immense benefit conferred on womankind by this highly lauded
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The Value of a Hobby .^ — Every one ought to have
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PasUmortem examination. — Cranium. — l^he bones were naturaL
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through which the blood flows. If these tubes could be
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when a vascular mass occupies a place where capillaries are
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or antiseptic solutions to flow in and out through the tube.
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To the above varieties must be added one of extreme rarity,
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the pus may break through the cheek, leaving a dis-
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perty of its author, since a history of the '' progress of surgery'*
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Simple anemia in a person underweight often calls for
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complained of. Dr. Gregory's method of testing was to agitate