ancient deities lost their pristine dignity and, while still
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monials and mysteries of Greece, especially the Mysteries
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rials were utilized for the construction of Christian
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Fig. 7.— a Diaokah designed to show the relations of the Vektebkjs to the Spinat.
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Mbdigation. — ^As has been said, medication plays a very subordinate
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the intensity of the infiatnmatii)n is less after instillation than
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pies fifty-seven pages, and is followed by a bibliography. Speak-
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have any one look into the genuineness and reliability of his
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phlebitis, cellulitis, peritonitis, or lymphangitis, the essence
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ance, §15.00, in not more than three mstalhuents at your conven-
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New York ; Tracheal Stenosis, by Dr. E. Fletcher Ingals, of
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II. The Treatment of Pyo-Thorax. — The objects to be
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ly ceased after having persisted under observation for two
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normal individuals at 8000 ft altitude and found it lowered 8-10 mm.]
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for example — was not susceptihle of being a>tringed. An indi-
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vided into two directly opposite groups. Some patients are in a slight
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are carefully taken both before and after the treatment. Dr.
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them available for the furtherance of medical teaching springs
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was pale, dyspeptic, and suffering from an eczema of the scalp.
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flamed mass, and then, with the same curved bistoury, incised
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poses. The most recent instance of the sort is the gift of the
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The Semites of Akkad, who are supposed to have made
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suggestions they are moved to make, with a view to avoid the
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besides being so represented on a denarius of M’ Acilius
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supreme divine healer. It is significant that these titles
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perception of the muscle-noise of the stapediu.s, but a subjective
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It has been supposed thus far that the tumor was one
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it too brings on an unpleasant feeling of pressure in the stomach and