until applied to the vessel or used as sutures. Practically, I

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The level of the uterus varying even in normal cases, an

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manent Committee on the International Medical Congress was

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tend below the malleoli, for all pressure on the heel is to be

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Sabazius was a healing deity, acclaimed a second AEs-

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out by means of an enema before the administration is begun;

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the smooth muscle fibres of the vessel walls (Robin) :

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a healing cult with divination, especially through the

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ease of these parts ; but, by irritating other portions of the

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before those who travel by sea and land, be pleased, in your

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unpleasant taste, something like that of camphor and paraldehyde. It

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ter of Asklepios, though she was sometimes referred to

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of broken compensation, j)articularly in mitral lesions. A tendency

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was consecrated), 157 being invoked especially for diseases

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probably that of 500 b.c . 156 ( CIA i, suppl., 362; CIA i,

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abolish motion, as far as possible, in the spinal column up

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cavity and deeper part of the canal, and so tlio ear was again

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brain. It is certainly narrower than a circle and wider than

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gestation and birth, some of whom had originally been

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people of Mesopotamia . 29 The gods, it was held, revealed

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religious worship. The Greek, the Roman, and the Barbarian, as

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friction ; the constant exercise of firm tensile circum-femoral

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temples and shrines of friendly deities, Themis, Isis and

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ances of digestion. Only ratiier large doses bring on actual vomiting.

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cit., xx, 78). It is surmised that a monograph of Chrysip-

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into the uterus, but the patient gave no history of any unusual

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patient's pulse, to notice instantly any failure of the heart,

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trust that our contemporary is mistaken in its gloomy forecast

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do that not one of these things would be tolerated for a moment in this,

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Dr. Ellwood Wilson more than twenty years ago. It consisted

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a sacred oath, which was finally developed as the Oath

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deities, the priest chanted them, while the person making

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spiritual pollution through contact with the impure and

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wound to the pedicle, and the whole was covered with iodo-

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