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solution in the pipette exactly balanced by the mercury

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$15.00," of which he says, " Persons with these medicines can

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work. The business man who has been strugghng for years to

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Curative treatment. — No specific for smallpox has yet been dis-

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Delegates to the American Institute of Homoeopathy, to be

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ticide, the child must have been wholly born alive. Much nicety

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tive. But it is not uncommon for previously bright children

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improved. Unfortunately, no observations were made of the

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Here was evidently a complication of corneitis and irritation of

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the reticulum, gradually compressing the spleen cells, and pressing upon the

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give to her another boy to take the place of the dead. Labor

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fruit, adding to this list eggs, beef, etc., as she was able to

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c. Group D contains only the commonly found Shigella sonnet.

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instance in hospital where old inmates of the ward, suffering from other

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further, the presence of these substances in the blood serum and different exuda-

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negative except for a firm thickening of the pleura at the base,

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and the rod is withdrawn, alherent bits of clot being washed back

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it is impossible to classify viruses by their morphological char-

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tures, and sometimes in pus, these arthrospores resemble diph-

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with those of the centrifuged standards.** The reaction

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refused to part with even a single cell, however much I persuaded

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a. Inflammatory exudates from the throat are usually collected

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conscious mental action going on in a disordered brain.

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one of these had acute rheumatism, and that one, a girl of thir-

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rock candy in fifty-six parts of water, at a gentle heat, with continued stirring until

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of the establishment of a homoeopathic hospital for children, and the result was

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he had been doing rather hea\y work, but that one week previ-