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of the intestine is absent spontaneous movements of the bowels occur ;

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cysts are multiple and on the antero-inferior surface, the stomach may be

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The most frequent and important of the new growths of the perito-

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new-born, mercury, either in the form of calomel (gr. J^-0.0064, t. i.d.)

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greater delicacy of touch than the old. He stands behind the patient,

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they are neither infectious nor contagious, are not, as a rule, symmetric,

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dition. It must, however, be confessed that a positive opinion is often

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given to -the Dean of the College, Dr. William B. Van Lennep, by Dr.

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form of the fever, and sewer-air has been mentioned elsewhere as a

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own hands the best results have been obtained from the application of

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patient suffers so little that he delays consultation with a physician

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mally, a trace of sugar is present in the blood (glykemia), but it may

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ordinary instances ; if not, rectal alimentation should be resorted to.

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courses as will permit the general practitioner to make the observations,

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life. The cause of the Aveakened area at which the diverticulum occurs

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love, rankling grievances, and perhaps ungratified sexual desires or

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tions, or serve to conduct impulses to the cells (cellipetal). The axis-

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nervous alterations, however slight. The occurrence of the affection in

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later of palatal and pharyngeal paralysis in a supposed case of necrotic

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Hysteric fever may be mentioned here as a rare manifestation, the

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lasting for a few minutes. In any event, the onset of the attack proper

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