size the more likely are the abdominal organs to be displaced, and the
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tation of a disordered mentality, may be directly or indirectly produced
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be placed at the back of the neck and the anode over the heart, whilst
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spinal cord from bloodlessness is to be treated by absolute rest, highly
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from a ruptured aneurism is usually immediately fatal, and is generally
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of urea, though extractives, creatinin, xanthin, tyrosin, indican, and the
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sequence a destruction of the pulmonary capillaries takes place corre-
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quantity of serous fluid in the pleural cavity, but in certain instances pus
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keeping the child off its feet, or in extreme cases even from sitting up,
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from the continuous local application of the salicylates, especially of oil
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gas in the peritoneal cavity usually aids in producing the abdominal en-
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exudation often pursues a latent course and the characteristics of the
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four to eight hours. Failure to obtain effects from it may be due to
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distinguished from tuberculosis is rather indicative of a state of the
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circumstances of its development. The milder cases terminate favor-
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which accompany accommodation. The Argyll-Eobertson pupil is a
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more or less mixed with brain-substance occupies an irregular cavity.
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ances in simple endocarditis may be severe in virtue of the large size
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typhus face, which is characterized by the dark reddish, almost cyanotic
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cover the tonsils, soft palate, and uvula, as well as extend into the ad-
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further, the same organism may, under varying conditions, be either sep-
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Nodular tubercles also occur, either alone or with miliary tubercles,
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exercise. If there is overwork or overstrain, it is essential to remove it.
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to form ulcers. Papules becoming mucous patches and associated with
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atlieroma, was made prominent, and the entire process was designated
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DIAGNOSIS. In the diagnosis of cerebral syphilis too much weight
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more promptly and powerfnlly, on the nerve centres of animal life,
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affected, the head is held straight, and is rotated with great difficulty ;
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is also probable, since many persons addicted to the excessive use of
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abscesses are probably due to the direct invasion of the liver by the
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patient has but a few remaining months to live. An immediately fatal
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ceded by a gradually increasing sense of malaise. Not infrequently signs