or is it a physical change under the influence of the irritation, which permits

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•nnylolytic enzyme called iniiiilnpsin. In animals havinpr no active ptyalin

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ii tlic piiiliiil iiicsNiiii' wliicli il |ii(m1ui'<'s ill iiir. Tlic siiiiii' will !»'

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for ten years without symptoms after the first attack of colic. Pyuria

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although in the former the course is often more acute, there are many

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in the extra-ocular muscles. The laryngoscopic picture is not at all con-

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liii'ail(onatc of tin- plasma, l>nl otiici- a<'id liindins; sulistani-i-s as uidl.

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effect of treatment. Inmiediately after being passed, the urine is usually

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Lebert. The severe cases are not so common now as they were in the early

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ijili' tn sllifai'i- <ll'V('ln|>iii('llt liiTiiliM' .sllpprt'sscil ami tlmsr illlc In cull

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vessek, or through Bowman's capsule into the uriniferous tubules, as Walker,

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dissolved in water, was always preferred as an eme-

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cancellated structure sclerosed or coarsely trabeciuated; the marrow spaces

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of anaesthetics; aneesthesia in the case of the nephritic should be as brief as

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In the development of microbiology the water of goitrous regions has re-

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frequently the sign of the formation of a renal abscess consecutive to pyelo-

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It lias lieen found that the jirsl sukihI consists of two distinct elements,

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the li.\droi.'en-ion coiiccntrjltion. The contents of the duodenum removed

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gravity in general is normal or slightly above normal. The urine is acid.

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oedema, the urinous odor to the breath, and the albuminuric retinitis are

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■ii'iuiid the cells of the sulisidiiiry vasoconstrictor center in the lateral