Browne's ancestors are traced back to the time of the Nor-

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New York State Medical societies, and the Buffalo College of Med-

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expectation will be solidly gratified. If he expected a new and

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who are well cared for, particularly favourable conditions

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peared in medical journals, also several important works on medical

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States; a member of Bidwell-Wilkinson Post, Grand Army of the

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erally. A physician who would not carry out an unequivocal

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time of his death. From 1839 to 1858 he was Professor of Institutes

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WILLIAM AUGUSTUS DOWNES, M.D., graduate of the College

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uncle, Charles H. Hill, M. D., is the oldest living graduate

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mologic Hospital ; director of Flower Hospital ; governor of the Mich-

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together with a small mass of fibres of uterine tissue,

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presides over life, that it constitutes the essential organ of life,

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A Pathological Pun. — A bon mot credited to the late Thomas Gold Apple-

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them to place many sick and needy persons under that medical

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France, gives 26.98 fo of all cases of blindness during a period

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and took part in four battles. After the battle of Williams-

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hospital passed and had engrossed its resolutions expressing in highly

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himself an enviable reputation for the skill, wisdom and conscien-

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as a case of contraction due to hemorrhage from the nerve-

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about her household work with comparative comfort. She called

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in 1870 was made attending physician in diseases of the heart and

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attractive branch of my theme, but lack of time prevents my

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the demands of the system. The iron preparations seem to exert a specific

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treatment has been absolute rest of mind and body, and friction

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that day, the patient showed me a small piece of bone which he

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late Dr. Graves of Dublin. At p. 26 of vol. ii. of his " Clinical

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lime is deposited, and medullary spaces are hollowed out. In healthy bone

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but if those of the second formation are the same, it is worse.

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(Archives of Pediatrics, N. Y., 1893, Vol. 10, 41).

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sume the investigation not occurring, I have no further clinical

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1. Children are like the mob : they always complain with rea-

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Now, the same process that goes on with the atoms in the

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A.M., M.D. New York : William Wood & Co. 292 pp.

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diastole, the cavities fully distended, as before described. The

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appointment of Governor Seymour, was recruiting agent for one-half

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above all two groups of secondary anaemia. In one group the anaemia is a

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and the leading societies abroad, and is the inventor of a

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W. A. Haupt, Chemnitz, Prussia. E. S. Bailey, Chicago, 111.

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