buildup of milkstone. The visible milk solids c^n be renoved ith a brush.

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*o -re.- 't ^- ..^r : ret .-.ater or steam is passed

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larly often, arteriosclerosis of the cerebral vessels; furthermore, occasionally,,

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formication. The anaesthetic parts may even be the seat of very decided pain

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, C>r. s/ed'Cf ;ient,fy, .-nc 'e^aive zf^^\^^% obour -Hr '-i.k COMPLETE THEORY^

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one side, but this is due merely to the distorted position of the mouth. Very

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The worst result of the disturbed ideational life, however, is the disturb-

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numerous anastomoses between the branches of the facial and those of the

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the important discovery that we can excite severe diabetes in dogs by extir-

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.reported. Dairy .products and flavoring used in the (ranufacture of these products ar«

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of the adipose tissue must not involve injury to the body itself. The treat-

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treatment of hysteria. If the physician is in doubt as to the nature of the

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value, but are perhaps as good remedies to prescribe as any. We may give a

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cates in Practical Midwifery are received from the Rotunda Hospital,

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Reasoning." In Moral Philosophy, either Paley's " Moral Philosophy

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gressive muscular atrophy was to be looked for in the spinal cord or in the

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cord. The peripheral nerves were formerly not examined at all; and yet,

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the muscular fibers still preserved is normal. The strength of contraction of

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where the reflexes are often much increased. Hypotonia is common in neu-

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Bush, Louis, sp, New York City, N.Y. A.B. (West Virginia U.) '31; S.B. (ibid.) '35.

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m months, and are eligible for re-election; they are provided with

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we come to the pathological anatomy of diabetes, the kidneys are often very

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cases merely the result of the mental excitation, especially the onset of anxious

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physician practicing in the Netherlands to the effect that he has been

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or all sorts of problems about God and eternity. Sometimes the dominant

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to do simple work under supervision, and live for many years.

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terms. Medical students should commence the medical curriculum in the Autumn

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Work, Emma Gibson, s, a, w, sp, Monmouth. A.B. (Monmouth C.) '35.

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We must also mention the peculiar fact which has been observed in some

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may also mention as the best of the other hypnotics veronal, gr. vijss. to xv