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the best botanical artist that America has produced, Mr. Sprague.

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British general hospitals in France since June, 1917. The following

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ton, N. Y. ; Nath. Green, Newport, R. I. ; Thos. F. Pbmeroy, M.D.,

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I CANNOT conclude the remarks I have to make on different points con-

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Here came the crisis as to treatment. I remember well the time

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Pathological Report. — Microscojncal appearance: Specimen consists of

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is seen in the fact, stated by Watson, that in two years the British

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characters of the present case coincide with this definition. Latterly,

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the membranes precedes the external otitis, or whether the inflammation

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" The ulcerations and slougliings of the throat were treated by nitrate

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to be frequently inhabited by animalculae; these, on account of

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tions of borax. In inflammatory stage of gonorrhoea, he gives Aconite^

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as manifested by foul tongue, accelerated pulse, and sleepless nights.

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Had such mistakes occurred in my own practice only, I might possibly

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sayist gave his views of how these different efforts

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comes forth fmall Flowers, of a paler yellow than the

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The next case was that of a ladj from the western part of the

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destructive projectile against personnel or wire entanglements. The

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then converted into animal substance; this theory explains why

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incoherent manner, as if from pain, yet when spoken to, he answered

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litharge with concentrated glycerine. The liquid cement is to be

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remedies, nevertheless, produced this anti-nosological conversion, for

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provoking such scurrilous circulars are to the person attacked, but at

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ache, heat of scalp, throbbing of the temporal arteries, or other sign of

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are debiHtated by excesses, night watching, and bodily fatigue, are of all

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nounced by Trousseau to be an enlarged and prolapsed ovary.

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FRANK BILLINGS, M.D., Secretary, 235 State St, Chicago, TU.

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compound fractures, shock and hemorrhage. That is taken directly

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depressing efi^ect on the nervous system. Thus, Dr. Mulock informs me

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