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Oct. 4. General Meeting, 7.30 p m., coffee at 7 p. m.
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myxoedema and other diseases due to inadequacy of thyroid gland) ; (2)
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standard can be relabeled 1.027. This is not a desirable
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It is important to the general practitioner because he usually
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solutions and used without further treatment. If soluble portions
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The following case illustrates this group and is an example of
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objects appeared as if seen through a veil. Arsenic was given
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be regenerative, chemical, phagocytic, or mechanical; and if the number of
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husband and wife ; to the unfortunate ; origin of the sex."
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(5) Aerobic or facultative organisms may be grown in asso-
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cold produce nor destroy it ; that elevation above the sea is
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unaccountable, considering the signs of pulmonary engorgement
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the extraordinary adaptability of the diet as shown by recent
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the periods of apyrexia. The first sound of the heart is weakened.
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Feb. 28, 1881. Previous venereal history is three attacks of gon-
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then followed exactly as recommended for single slides. The por-
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24 to 48 hours at 37° C. The organism is aerobic, it is serologi-
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slapping the abdomen with a towel wet with ice-water, by the
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like the skin, are the seat of a closely-set rash in confluent smallpox, and
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shake thoroughly ; then filter aseptically through several layers of
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sented a report, and papers, were read by Dr. W. S. White, on
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sition to become insane from the same source whence his rela-
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read zero. If either one does not, adjust it, if the colori-
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cocks, and place a strip of filter paper between the
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temper, both before and after the attacks, until this condition is
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this matter, has the satisfaction of being able to assert that Hip-
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On one point in connection with them, I ask your thoughful
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Charity Hospital, Nov. 17, 1880, with a gonorrhoea of somewhat
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portant it may appear, that must direct the choice of the medi-
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such as the elimination of errors due to the presence of extraneous colored substances. In
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fically immunised animal, vihen injected into another animal, confers upon the
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pigs and rabbits. The human strain is a long, slender rod as
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in a loopf ul of water, salt solution, or broth on a clean slide. Cover
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should begin late in April or early in ]\Iay in order to complete
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In April. 1916 he entered the wards, complaining, in addition
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the rod gently, always in one direction against the wall