communicate the disease to a healthy person. Again, place a patient in

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tors as pathogenic of this disease. From its clinical history we are led to

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the second or third stage, or if it become scanty and diflicult, the prog-

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is this important if the patient is having frequent discharges from the

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almost a certain indication of a fatal termination. ^.

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organ presents the appearance of a strawberry : — (the " strawberry tongue"

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possible to confound the cachexia which attends this form of Bright's

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most unfavorable indication, as it shows extensive heart-failure and a rapid

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lymphatic vessels and in the bronchial glands there is always some evidence

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reaches its maximum size by the middle of the second or at the commence-

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patients die. During the initial stage of this variety of small-pox, the

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considerable period. Some writers look upon the lymphatic glands as

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ococci ; if those bunches are surrounded by a gelatinous envelope, asco-

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of the inflammation depends upon the nature of the cause and the

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It may be combined with atropia. Bromide of potassium is regarded by

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cardia usually involves the lower part of the gesophagus.

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Tumors of the Lip are both benign and malignant. The malignant

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opinion that the cancer has roots. In some instances the cellular growth

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Permanganate of Potassium is an active oxidizing agent. It is irri-

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the microscope the sputum is found to contain swollen spheroidal red and

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110. Teased liltrcs of heart-muscle in fatty degeneration of the heart .520

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In cirrhosis of the liver there is a history either of alcohol drinking,

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The s'pleen is enlarged and softened ; the lymphatics are usually hyper-

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the stomach, as empyema and purulent pericarditis, may induce dilatation