salt e<|iial to tluit found by cheiiiie;il analysis to be present in the col-
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I- due to a slijilil iiiei-ease in the ( '„ of the lilood, and that this increase
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creas ma,\' iCarlson and Liickhart i or iiia.\ not i Schlesinircr ) iiieren
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in Mrtt's tillKs, with ili.ts if fli-sli, lircul. ami milk. (l-ronl lavlnv.)
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hyaline casts may be present in enormous numbers (Kiilz's phenomenon).
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its symptoms. Even in apparently favorable cases unaccountable relapses
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acid is rarely present, and not characteristic. Bence Jones albumose was
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women have developed at the time of the menopause or shortly afterward.
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recall how hypertrophied tissue may keep on growing or grow more rapidly if
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Mongolian idiocy is not admitted by many observers as an independent
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i"l^^cen the sid)strate and the enzyTue, and for this union to take
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hypertrophy, b helpful. The most important symptoms are the pain and
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in England and on sea coasts than in some continental localities, but it is
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formation of new bone around joint, and a well-marked projection from the shaft
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ing the forms as distinct diseases. The character of involvement varies,
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""'^" '■ l->'Nin,..„i ass..l,. M,„ ,1,,.,., ,,,,.,,, ^,, ,,.,„...s..,il..,| |,^■ ,„•,',
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I'lllri't'lli'l lull III' tl \ |i|i>|>lliillr Is |i|'iiliillil\ |iI'i'i'imIi'i| Ii\ tli'Illlliili/lltiiili
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Laufer,* in a valuable study of the subject, suggests the fouowing as a
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ll ».iln. .I..M .11 liir l.r.t iiiii. Thr ^i..ili. \..;v - ..1.11 .11 til, .,,,.,1.1 |i,i, .,i,.l ,1..<,. aciiil .it
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Carcinjoma of the cortex or of the pelvis of the kidney does not usually
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illmmin solutions, and the deirree to which they exert this inlluencc
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becomes of a deep brownish black, like the most extreme form of Addison's
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ally occur with nephrolithiasis. Watson, who has made a careful study of
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illness. Woods and Hewlett* reported the case of an infant who at twelve
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,i.v transferred to the pylorus from the place where they are tirst affected
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of twenty and forty years; only 4 or 5 cases have been reported in which
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arthritic" and "rheumatoid" could be granted, it would simplify the dis-
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TllK KX( KITloN III- TulM i li\ H. li. I"l Mil I , 5(17
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other cases, if present, they are lost in those of the primary disease. The
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of the kidney, first made use of the term perinephric abscess. It is better to
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tines, first reveals the alarming condition. As to the clinical picture, it is
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together, firmly adherent, and surrounded by inflammatory tissue. The
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skin of the trunk or of the limbs, the Ups, and the cheeks.