trouble arose with the shooting. It was not due to melan-
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the earlier the syphilis the larger the dose required
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flififer that the coldest (29.90° C.) contains the
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From this table it is seen that Winnipeg had a rate
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the conversion of the starchy foods into assimilable
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this class of cases, in all of which there was an un-
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the genera! indication for operative interference as
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As to the selection of splints, it is largely a case
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may be due to the lodged ball ; to the wound it tore
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weeks after his discharge from the hospital he began to
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this particular gentleman, Weissman, who was a great naval surgeon,
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occurs. As our methods of diagnosis improve the so-called idio-
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Assistant Demonstrator of Gynaecology, Jefferson Medical College.
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gin treatment with a good dose of calomel, so as to
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F., and pulse became weak and thready. Her abdominal
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Columbia University Bulletin of Information. College
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reducing the inflammation. It paralyzes the accommodation thus
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Case V. Patient was a strong, well developed boy sev-
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10 per cent. ; neutrophilic myelocytes, 60 per cent.
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representing the Federal government, one the State,
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ney; secretary, Dr. E. A. McCarthy; treasurer. Dr. D. R.
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— on account of its obviously sedative effects on that
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eral belief — or assertion, at least — of the leaders of
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able opinion of the patient's condition, emphaticallv
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conditions essential to the production of hay fever:
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Public Health and Marine Hospital Service for the seirn
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