rare cases, both co-existing on opposite sides, while Dr.
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came from the inferior maxillary artery, which he plugged with
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against ligation of the femoral artery in the treatment of ele-
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conscious. It lost consciousness, and the eyes remained open
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discovered, but what its nature was it was impossible to deter-
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on the healthy heart muscle. Mineral waters containing carbon dioxide
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plastic operation of Estlander, which consists in removing
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Dr. BuERis, of Florida, referred to the fact that impurities
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ber of years” (Livy, vii, 3). 128 This statement has re¬
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by virtue of its antiseptic action it prevents bacterial
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ticular, the appearance of these bacteria exhibiting under low
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had the eruption upon the chest and abdomen, the mucous
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may he of intei-est. It is well known that the required course
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attempt was made to euhemerize him, and from an inde¬
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with generous and general acclaim. His descendant clan,
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differing only in details of racial and national coloring.
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of the lower extremity and of the lower half of the abdominal
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ascendii^ aorta, a fifth procednre majjr be tried, the tying of the common
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elaborated by Spencer ; suffice it to say that to no other set of
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educatiun, they were ever ready to initiate and promote reforms,
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determined, if she recovered sufficiently from the peritonitis, to
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and citizens had a share was the Lavatio, 257 directed by
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The Canadian Medical Association. — The " British Medi-
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toms (diabetic coma may be frequently explained by paralysis of the
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hyperemia and congestion are conspicuous (face, cheeks, and ears in-
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stir was made recently by an article in the " Medical Record "
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Fatty Ovebgbowth: Diet. — Such a fatty heart is always accom-
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to increase its number, be appointed by the President of the
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for example, Marienbad (Kreuzbrunnen and Ferdinandsbrunnen),
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charge was great, on account of the danger of syncope from the
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Hierodules ( qedheshim, ‘sacred men/ and qedhesoth,
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whose entrails must tell the same tale to give the sup¬