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The "Lancet" states that 1,057 persons affected with the dis-

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as that of every intelligent Catholic. A feature of the book is Mr. Morton's reply to

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new plan of treating the disease (" Monatshft. f. prakt. Derma-

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was an hour in length and followed by fever. With the fever the face

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olive green powder. They contain chromate of lead (" chrome yellow ") ;

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The points of reflection of the endyma upon the plexus are

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becomes more concentratedr— richer in oxygen — and hence able to give

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sults." Virtually, the law seems to hold abortion as an

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was thoroughly washed out with a solution of boro-salicylic acid and

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trary, the patient should keep still for at least an hour after eating.

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consort, Gula, he saved his subjects from the clutches of

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rank and prestige, and some received national recogni¬

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251 Gruppe, op. cit., p. 931; Hamilton, op. cit., pp. 62, 98-107.

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not rely upon it as a pathognomonic symptom. lie also supple-

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