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sthenic fever, and there is every appearance of marked de-
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pimple, papule, and pustule, lasting from twelve to twenty-four
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Iris, Cornea, and Lens. Cases of Wounds of the. 377
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treatment at Epidauros, and Aristeides probably re¬
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The diminution in size took place without any discharge.
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The naphthalinated gauze comes in five-yard rolls, which
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history: The patient was twenty-eight years of age, single, ad-
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and in some places there was endarteritis obliterans, which led
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a permanent det.iil of one medical officer of the army and one
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l)athognomonic of fracture, Init fracture here often existed when
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given the day before an e.\pected attack, and the attack was notably
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eases of the Conjunctiva and the Action of Jequirity, by Professor Sat-
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can form a fairly correct opinion as to the character of the
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Department of the Missouri to Department of Dakota.
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tively could not serve longer than the year. The board had re-
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self the functions of Enlil and of Ea, he was recognized
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sidered an impiety or an offense against the divinity. 145
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tomary ritual was for the suppliant to sleep on the skin
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pleura had the child lived longer. The umbilical vein was filled
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slowly as medicine was independently studied by an ever-
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Rios so that they approximate in mellowness an 0. G. Java or fine
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which no further progress was to be made, alluding to recent
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() Garrigue, " De I'influence des mal. aig. sur les diatheses," These
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My late colleague, Dr. Bumstead, narrated at great length
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terious power. 180a At Thebes he was represented as wear-
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fortunately is not so certain in its effect in heart lesions, being especially
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in fact, and its conformation and markings were assumed