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Cinxia loosened the bride’s girdle after marriage
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Nin-karrak. Ishtar. Marduk. Nabu, or Nebo. Ninib, or
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ter, of Putnam ; Dr. R. S. Goodwin, of Thomaston; Dr. T. G.
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tionu cratia ’ = nationis cratia, CIL xiv, 2863) from a
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often more circumstantial. An extant fragment from the
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call, Reception of Guests, etc. ; Address of Welcome, by the
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261 Sotmu meaning ears or hearing, Ptah-Sotmu is construed as ‘Ptah
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ered to be malarious ; quinine or cinchona was always given by her
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enormous prestige in the Peloponnesos, to Athens, and
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crated water from the Nile was held before the people as
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Euripides ( Alcestis, 969) says that Apollo gave sim¬
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and a half. Attacks daily, always, with three or four exceptions,
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Angitia, though a primitive Italian goddess (especially
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gases, as it is very constantly present and makes its presence
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The leg was washed and dried, and enveloped in the wadding,
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Dr. J. L. Little said that Dr. Carnochan's was the first case
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4 noblest of goddesses,’ beautiful, stately, proud, and cold.
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upon the animals on which he experimented, he takes up in
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porous towel over its mouth and nose, then, by completely en-
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Agreus ('huntsman’) and Nomios ('herdsman’). Aris¬
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religious worship. The Greek, the Roman, and the Barbarian, as
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which exist are open to objection on the score of expense in
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to Rome under their local names, were either blended
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when diluted with a considerable quantity of water, and when a Uttle
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but little ground for the iiccusation that medical colleges resorted
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upper epiphyses of the humerus — of which there are three —
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reader was satisfied that, where a deficiency of even 10 or 15 per
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histology, and it is intended to make it the most complete of its
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at Fort Trumbull, has thought fit to do private practice in the
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