to cure disease, but the ‘best of the divine substance’ was

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bourg give this epithet to Mars, and, on the basis of a bi¬

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disease (Pansanias, I, iii, 4), and as a stayer of pesti¬

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Apparatus without the Air-douche, by Professor Lucae, of Berlin;

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done. Slie remained in the hospital six months, and was then

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large calculus, an instrument with the extra curve might be of

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mass containing double the ordinary amount of starch can

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of tuberculosis produced by inoculation of other substance than

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and abdomen, and collections of fluid in the peritoneal, pleural, and peri-

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Perinephritio Abscess. — Dr. G. K. Johnson, of Grand Rap-

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MiKYArniT.— The " Hritish Medical Jourual" for A])ril I'Jth

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intra-peritoneal to the extra-peritoneal treatment, and had thus

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until about a year before she consulted Dr. Jacobi, who had

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each menstrual flow, increasing in intensity until the flow was

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characteristic of Semitic genius, was identified with vari¬

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amounting to about four ounces of bright-red blood, which was

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tude. 20 The doctrines brought in by these cults were

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Universe with the divinities Anu and Enlil, he became

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fbe quick and forcible streaming back of the blood from the arteries to

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the opacities of scrofulous pannus and deeper lying infiltrations.

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until about a year before she consulted Dr. Jacobi, who had

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as a Factor in the Causation and Spread of Typhoid Fever —

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5. Treat all secretory processes of the external and middle ear

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ing aside of the cause of disease ’ ’ (Clemens Alexandrinus,

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the initial stage of this disease, since the membranous deposits

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36 Gauthier, Recherches historiques sur Vexercice de la medecine dans

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which their sufferings require; but this and magic ( Wis¬

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so few in proportion to the fibrous tissue that I should suppose

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