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from Navy Yard, Nesv York, and ordered to U. S. S. Despatch.
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proof, Rice continued to practice ; whereupon he was arrested for prac-
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alimentation by the sound employed in the vomiting of
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Dr. GiHON, of the navy, moved that that portion of the
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The priests, versed in secret lore and adepts in all these
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of humanity were ostensibly based on the political ground
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recalled a case of recovery without operation where both him-
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was Cumae is strengthened by the fact that the Senate
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until they become putrid and most offensive, thought with-
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hours more to normal, so that with sixteen washings I am con-
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Symptomatic. — The symptomatic therapy tries to quiet and strengthen
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1 will now add two equally interesting and very similar
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important one in showing the connection between Dupuytren's
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s.flr., the Gnberquelle, and the Boncegno and Levioo waters. The dose
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mystical haoma plant (Bundahishn, xxvii, 4), an a P ar
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Theeapeutical Notes. — Tobacco as an Antizymotic. — There is a
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The Adityas were a group of deities who varied widely,
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I adopt is to pass one silver wire, or two if the wound be
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been shown by Bauer and Bollinger to have an especially injurious effect
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ing in delivery by reciting her magic formulas; and
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selves ; but a few words may not be out of place. It is
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fense against the attacks of those of evil intent, and espe¬
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physiology itself, occupying the very table-land and crown
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the Government has a peremptory right to protect the public
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temporary advantage in it That the lung should be ruptured is bad,
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terious power. 180a At Thebes he was represented as wear-
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gers with each other to a considerable extent below the
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aortiis plexus, caused by inflammation of the aortic wall. We may also
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undergo at the time of death. 3 Referring to the Eleusin-
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forests, soil, winds, sunlight, the vicinity of large bodies of
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All cognizable forms of life are dependent upon the products of
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more into the subcutaneous tissue, up to the silver or gold enlargement
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been examined. Reasoning on the principle that like effects
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The Broad Ligaments with the Non-gravid Uterus (see