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tached the bulb of a Davidson syringe. Pressure upon the bulb

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face of the fundus. After apparently enucleating the tumor,

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tion was put, Dr. Austin Flint, Sr., stated that he had been an

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of life from the first week up to the age of puberty. Thus,

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The great gods, whose noble and miraculous deeds had

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the author would never advise beginning with more than 1 G. (15 gr.)

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surrounded the hieron at Epidauros, and at Athens the

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endyma were continued directly across from the fornix to

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be hardly fair," it says, " to say that public opinion approves of

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eral silk and catgut ligatures were left, but, under the simple

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of such wire. It is applied in a vertical plane in the course of

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supplied with air; the spleen was normal; the kidneys were

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Bayard, New Mexico, for duty. Par. 3, S. O. 96, Headquarters

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divine beings of Babylonia and secured recognition of

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