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Specify Soluble Iodine (Burnham's) "The Original"; there is no "just as
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ings of an ox or a bull to Asklepios, Hygieia, and other
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and six tenths per cent, died from the operation itself. Dr.
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Mittheilungen des kaiserlich deutschen archdologischen Instituts in
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Indra is a healing deity in a very minor capacity. He
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to the last. At the autopsy a tumor of about the size of a
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iodoform was dusted on, and, if he used a tent to produce dila-
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harmonized; and her composite, complex character has
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Branches: New York, Chicago, St. Louis, Boston, Baltimore, New Orleans, Kansas City, Minneapolis, U.S.A.;
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eaosing belching, thus relieving the patient of gas. Magnesium dioxide
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" transfer," and the fact that other vaso-motor irregularities
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cle secured by transfixing it with a needle, which draws
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pestilence came among the people. Tullus himself was
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One patient had septieicmia in addition, but recovered. The in-
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scribed ought not to result in so much disability, yet, when
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the Columbia, for assignment to duty. Par. 11, S. O. 84
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seas obeyed; waters were separated and piled up on one
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Egyptian priests, the worship attracted enthusiastic ad¬