ing their Activity, and the Relation of those Changes to the Question of
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to the excellent articles by Lt. Col. F. H. Garrison, in PCC v, 35-51;
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fluid, was about 45 grammes on an average — about one thirty-
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when it was considered what a complete counter-resisting force
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and round ligaments to this border has already been men-
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five months the tumor had refilled, and during Dr. Beates's absence
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amount, and the patient observed that it had less of a disagree-
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same manifestation as that described by Hebra under the name
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pear to have belonged to the priestly class, though they
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find the joint angles obliterated, and there is presented what
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tified him with Apollo, who bore the epithet Aristaios at
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ing that corrosive chloride of mercury was a specific in diph-
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cosities by Dr. Musser's accounts, he has imported the bark and the
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Child’), represented as a lame, undeveloped child, sit¬
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152 Farnell, op. cit., ii, 444-445, 567-568; Thramer, in ERE vi, 548.
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thereafter headache began. The day the writer saw her (fourth week)
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come painful. It weighed nine ounces. A tumor weighing two
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85 Jastrow, Religion, pp. 519-523; Ward, The Seal Cylinders of
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on the patient's right, the first assistant directly opposite.
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mater, whereby, in all probability, filaments were sundered
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This is a most decided error, for a hay-fever subject is
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had undergone fatty degeneration, not a few of them showing
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tion of the throat. At the same time she complained of great
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whom we felt grave apprehensions, as his condition was then
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the most important factors of trouble after such an injury, thus
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the douche and ear-drops at home, the drum cavity showing no