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Dr. Harbison spoke of the difficulty of diagnosis in these
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justify the prescriber. The rationale of both of these forms
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the philosophic platitudes of Neo-Platonism, then current
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ment for private enterprise to be directed to the founding of
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of Proitos (cf. Melampous). 158 She was the guardian of
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of which had been described by Kubasson (" Ztschr. f. Geburtsh.
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NiAOAHA University. — The power of the university to con-
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attack of the latter miglit so closely simulate epilepsy, or the
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about the conflict between science and religion. This is not
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of Acute Infectious Diseases, by Professor Bouchard, of Paris ; Clinical
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will be some doubt about the diagnosis, so that there might
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of the body borne by the distal articular surface or surfaces
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the soft parts having been produced by the bone itself, not the
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might be communicated under peculiar conditions, but this
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twitchings; for two years one every two months; in last three
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malarial patients with quinine. He used instead small doses of
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tion of the stump of the optic nerve in these cases really pro-
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thirty-nine epileptic ; the majority were more or less chroni-