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religious healing. The direct method. Examples. The indi¬

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does last for a number of days, and is evidently connected with

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deities; (b) the perception arises from the fact that the

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The Kabeiroi-mysteries of Samothrake seem to have had

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organs. After these demonstrations, the members were shown

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of Eleusis; while he was said to have taught the worship

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whence he was frequently equated with Apollo. His cult

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the drainage-tube was removed, and the wound allowed to heal.

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counterpart of Re, and more frequently the consort of

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Dr. Keyser, of Philadelphia, and Dr. J. 0. Dalton, of New York,

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Egypt. A medical school and library were connected with

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Eastern Sky. Spirits and demons. The priesthood. Religious

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matters. These phenomena on the part of the alimentary canal

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shifted to Argolis, where, at Epidauros, was developed

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Congratulations for Norbury ! 1287 x Journal That WUl Fight the Doctor's Battles

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in-es to reduce errors on the part of physicians and apothecaries to the

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with the usual symptoms of disease of the valves of the heart.

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pressure was made over the abdomen. The rectal temperature

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the feet against the floor, the force represented by the

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as might be necessary to secure an act of the Legislature which

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Dr. John G. — Shortly before the time for this issue

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watchful that the transient fever which so frequently develops

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from a business point of view and as regards the care of the

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slight sense of mental dullness and confusion of thought, with

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illustrative of current beliefs as discussed above, are

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to make out any shortening. Dr. Hutchison liad the conviction

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their medicinal properties (Atharva., VIII, vii). Hymns