sanctity that only priestesses were permitted to see her

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there was a possibility of minute embolisms interfering with the

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‘finding of Osiris,’ commemorated by the Hilaria, on

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nal " in which Dr. Pick affirms that aluminium and its compounds con-

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out through the tube. At the time of the consultation the pos-

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work of the hog's liver is more dense and resisting than that of

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iodine is decolorized is it to the same extent deprived of virtue.

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form of an ibis, going forth every morning; and it is,

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orable life, the incitement to constant mental and physical ac-

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sided (Suetonius, Caligula, 35), winning his position at

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muscularly. It may also be given in suppositories (1 G. (15 gr.)

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his descendants devoted themselves to healing, which

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stricture, situated 2 cm. lielow the episternal notch. After several

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sun-ounded the sac in one case with a catgut ligature and cut it

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Thurber Medical Association 1356 Cured by the "Clean-Out" 1372

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a number of lacerated wounds, had been wholly recovered from, save a

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deposit in the eye, and with a prescription for citrate of lithium,

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in part to elimination of alcohol by the respiratory passages,

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from about 2000 b.c., is a short text consisting of only

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premacy was upheld against all rivals. 16 The real names

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confirmed invalid. There had been repeated attacks of pelvic

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is growing ; it also hides from the observer the color and

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veloped occasional attacks of furor epilepticns, and is now a

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no good. The sponges used in the cavity must be carefully

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treatment was continued, and at the same time laxatives were used to

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resonance is evidently as iiuicli as pussiblu oliniinnted. The

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meals, and such honors led to a close family tie or clan¬

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and necrosis. Had this occurred, union of the severed head

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American Alkalometry. 4 volumes. Price $2.00 for single volumes- $7.00 for set.

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appeal was not followed by relief, the proper god had

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