reus was selected by lot by the Boule. At Hyettos the wor¬

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tals, and it is a notable fact that these were the only

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right side of neck, observed on May 10th, bas diminished, but

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cal questions of the time; one of these papers is published

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found it necessary to use larger doses, he stating that he

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stocks possessed healing deities as did the Phoenicians) but the only

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ing food — one whose protein is not only not in excess, but soluble and

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before. In eleven such cases he has opened the sac, freed all

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of space being given to the last-named plant, which is the

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ease and evil dreams (X, xxxvii, 4). In the Atharvaveda

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was the mother of two children, the last one born five months

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medicine, and botany. He was the founder of the social

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to suppose that the Committee on Legislation of the State so-

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and Isis. The Osirian myth. Trial of the dead. The ‘Nega¬

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versity, OF Cleveland, is to have a new building. Among the

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mentioned as being in the retinue of the god at Epidau¬

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middle ear, in a largo number of cases, without any assistance

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severely, saying that medicine, to be beneficial to humanity,

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against evil. Purity, in thought, word, and action, was

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hearth with bronze lamps. Persons wishing to consult the

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few deities, particularly Osiris and Ptah, were repre¬

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( ib V, xxv, 5), and was, therefore, believed to preside

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tribute our comparative immunity to the more civilized manner

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tried two-drachm doses on five other persons, three of whom

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internally to subdue the pain and lower the temperature. After

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On January 9tb, about nine months after her last men-

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of Asklepios, Dionysos-Epaphios, Sabazios, and Eilei-

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and being, therefore, regarded as miracles wrought by a

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252 Budge, op. cit., i, 515; Gardiner, in ERE viii, 264.

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Fluctuation is sometimes not easy to perceive, on account of