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case there must be no bending of the knees, for that would
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erations, and notably in the change in the families of immi-
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of streptococci isolated from the patient's blood and killed by heat
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This new iodide possesses great therapeutic activity. It
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rate, of not seriously interfering with the functions of healthy
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dent, and thanked the society for this opportunity of expressing
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had always carried them, hut did not like to use them.
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been referred to the Committee on Civil Service and Retrench-
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conveyance of cholera into Europe this summer by ships com-
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under the use of bichloride of mercury, proved the great supe-
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two inches and a half, and a deeper one, at three inches, were divided,
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of the relation seemed desirable. The faculty of the school
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master, made submission, and offered to return to his
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them by methods known as hike*, the best English equiva¬
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taught by (or stolen from) the gods for the service of
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dered, will adhere to the fibers of oakum or marine lint
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as albuminous. If the circulation be in any way improved,
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mention of disease, while chapters xx-xxu are almost
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received in the great temples, where they were assigned
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nurse. My experience in such cases has been with carbolic
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Egyptian pantheon, all of whom were variants of essen-
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Professor Retzius, of Stockholm ; The Changes of Glandular Cells dur-
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ancient traditions, which attribute a large share of the
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either ovary, so extensive had been the adhesions excited by
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but this method, though fairly successftd in very young
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rity in all things was a prerequisite for receiving benefits.
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69 TJffelmann, Die Entwicklung der altgriechischen Heilkunde, p. 412.
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they were, for the most part, magical. The drinking of the
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GRIFFITH, F. LI., The Petrie Papyri: Hieratic Papyri from Kahun
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.all circumstances were capable of exciting tuberculosis. He
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condition of the nasal passages during the remaining por-
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responding members and regions. The face and extremities
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tion of exact diagnosis, to the detriment of the art of thera-
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case except those complicated with either tuberculosis or
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articulation below, and, as a rule, should extend above the knee,