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Egypt; with a cap and the two ostrich feathers of Osiris;
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ture on the inferior thyroid was not secure, owing to a
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higher grade of dignity, but otherwise indistinguishable
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cases iron is beneficial (e.g., Blaud's pills, see p. 152). The inhalation
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to his avatar as Dhanvantari, Visnu had conferred upon
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site the middle of the sternum. On the following day a filiform whale-
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Loxias (of obscure meaning) and calls him an iatro-
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TuK College of PnysioiANs and Surgeons. — Dr. Robert F.
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knowledge of which, according to tradition, they had re¬
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profession of the danger of Cdmmunicating the poison to the
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sciousness in the mother. For some hours her condition was
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sible, though its contents can be thoroughly evacuated. In
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They believed that Dr. Formad had purposely and unjustifiably
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fifteen years. Ticitchings always between 12 P. M. and J^ A. M.
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Evidences of gastric catarrh with constipation were also noted. Dur-
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limited it to an indication of increased intra-cranial pressure-
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apparatus was modeled after that of Dujardin-Beaumetz, but
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ment bad, unfortunately, been lost, but an estimate of the size could
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own experience that, even at one of the smaller hospitals,
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An attempt was made to cut first with a blunt-pointed con-
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as the son of Ea, he became the intermediary through
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The reader thought enthusiasm got the better of judgment
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«n large doses- and for a long period of time without untoward effect.
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day afternoon. May 29, 1884, of typhoid fever. The decea.sed