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the object represented has been seen, at least by the artist,
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direction of the neoossary expenditure to be intrusted to the
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general, in private practice especially, to contract
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in the stomach. Purgatives are too tedious in their action
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December 18th, 9 a. m., temp. 105'2°, pulse 155, resp. 48.
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moral head, coincidently with a healthy condition of the
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the first thing to do is to lay the patient flat on his back or even to raise
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Latin provinces. Possessing many religious features
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medical department of the University of Pennsylvania, as well
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studies have served to inspire and to indicate the desira-
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eral conclusions regarding the therapeutic theories and
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that he came ashore at Syrnos on the coast of Karia, and
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mixed with milk, sour milk, honey, or barley water,
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and reduce it to 82^-84^. The duration is 5 minutes, gradually increased
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Thus here we have the elements of the pathogenesis of
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vana, to youth with all its powers (ib., I, cxvi, 10). Allu¬
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the first (verso, p. 1, lines 3-4, section 193) is as follows : 158
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board when it first requested him to accept the editorship would
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has been pursued in a most praiseworthy and effective way by
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circular piece is cut out near the edge, of the size of the heel,
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in combination with codein or one of the bromides. He believes that
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seems more or less so rotated on its axis that its upper part has
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one which might afford rapid amelioration in all oases, perhaps,
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when Osiris was vindicated of the charges made by Seth
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throe fourths of an inch to an inch from the utero-vaginal June-
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Small-pox in London. — The London medical journals of the
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hydrate dietary wiU certainly produce fermentation, which ia a serious
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lightening the work of the left heart. Since an oversupply of blood
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In regard to operations between the trochanters, the
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