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Valeriaii. — There remains one very mild stimnlant, yaleriany irfiieh
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Polynesian, have been the same—in each case an affair of charms
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of putrid affections of the throat, especially of the epiglottis and the
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tamia. The powers of darkness had to be reckoned with,
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superseding Anubis (Anupu), the old Lord of the Sepul¬
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130 Frazer, Adonis, Attis, Osiris, 3d ed., ii, 28, note 3; also Budge,
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of suction^ the strength of which depends on the leyel of the water in the
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Established in 1844, the house of Sharp & Smith,
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mata of the mouth. The dire effects of syphilis had been shown
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the Gods,’ as the mighty earth-goddesses of fertility and
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[sal]ute ... ex voto” (Ihm, in Eoscher, iv, 711).
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the pedicle ligated with the same, and the sheath of the common
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at Sikyon (Pausanias, II, vii, 8); at the Anigrian springs
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has been variously and incongruously described and figured
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Structure and an Hypothesis of Contractility. With Plate. By
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Uood content. The alkalies also reduce the congestion. Almost all other
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but antisyphilitic treatment gives results which justify us in con-
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Iuga, or Iugalis, originated the marriage bond and car¬
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Fata Scribuxda recorded the destiny of the child as
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Clinical Notes on Cancer, its ^'Etiology and Treatment. With
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tient to bear his full weight on the foot for months, as displace-
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interests of the profession in this State, nor is the plea that it
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sible to effect a cure, or at to remove the most characteristic
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itself, we find a number of drugs at our command. The first of these is
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this the case that in purely personal concerns the ancients
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ment. The slit is very large. The lower lip is so short
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were believed to be the breath of Pluto himself, while
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illustrated the excellent results of his method of treating spinal
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disease, a more correct prognosis, and a more effective
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